Musicians Movement Blue Springs
Career Music Educators Serving School Musicians, Music Directors and Driven Performers
Specializing in Performance Driven, Technology Based Music Instruction

"producing prepared musicians for productive paths"
We're different because of:

Who we serve:

  • parents who want their children to have a competitive edge with distinct advantages
  • students of all ages, interests and abilities
  • driven performers
  • educators, music directors and music ministries with specific music agendas

What we offer:

  • jam bands & small group combos performing varied genres and styles of music
  • tailored private instruction designed for specific goals and personalities
  • private clinics with target objectives
  • kid friendly, technology based learning environment
  • professional gear to train and perform on

Who you study with:

  • effective instructors with recognized achievements and contributions to music education
  • educators who are respected as accomplished performers
  • well rounded professionals who understand comprehensive required skill sets to be successful
  • staff concerned about the varied desires of clients and students
  • instructors who instill good study habits, accountability, and value strategic planned goals

Why our program is successful:

  • we make learning more fun and productive through practical application
  • unique approach and methods to making instruction enjoyable, attainable and retainable
  • we use current technology and supplemental learning aids
  • development of social skills associated with group and public performance
  • average students transformed into musicians with superior skill sets and exceptional recognitions
  • performance motivated musicians more likely to continue their craft

Why choose the Musicians Movement?

  • cutting edge technology based instruction & “play along” recordings that make learning & practice more fun
  • collective Based Learning
  1. Addresses different learning styles of students
  2. Encourages use of technology
  3. Provides opportunities for reluctant and or reserved learners to participate
  4. Involves students in a supportive and team-spirited climate
  5. Student learning more likely to be valued as a personal investment
  • Extensive menu of studies not offered by local music stores
  • “State of the Art”, “industry standard”  instruments to train and perform on
  • small group performance ensembles with mixed instrumentation and musical styles
  • student recitals, recordings, and bonus studio time
  • sectionals and clinics
  • social environment intended  to strengthen relationships with peers,  instructors, authority figures, and family members
  • on-site and off-site consultation and education for music educators, church music programs, special interest groups, solo artists, and special projects
  • guest clinicians and concerts
  • preparation for candidates interested in collegiate studies, “real life” skills required for careers in professional music industries, or personal music hobbies
  • rest or work in our relaxing lobby while you wait - complete with free wi-fi, hi-def tv, high fidelity audio, random refreshments, instructional music videos, musical entertainment dvd’s, and or “for fun” movies

Instruction Comparison

There is strong evidence indicating that music retailers are inhibited by retail driven structures that limit their abilities to serve music education because they do not address the needs of music students and public educators as their primary agenda, nor do they keep up with current trends, technology, or the working conditions of “today’s” music educators.   Musicians Movement is committed and determined to raise the bar and re-define music education in order to better serve local students, public school music directors, and the community in general.