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Specializing in Performance Driven, Technology Based Music Instruction

World Music - coming soon - a percussive performance ensemble to be offered at a later time, this band will explore styles of drumming and percussion practices from other countries.  The course will take participants through a variety of units and performance.  These will include the music of Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, and many more.  Latin percussion instruments, steel pans, and keyboard instruments will be heavily involved along with traditional rhythm sectional instruments like drum set, bass, guitar, keyboards, and others.  The lab includes world music instruments to train and perform on.  Pre-requisites include one or more of the following; drum set lab, percussion lab I and II, piano lab I and II, or former equivalent study.

 Arranging & Transcribing- to be offered at a later time for advanced to expert level musicians seeking a deeper knowledge, vocabulary and comprehension of jazz literature, and those interested in “brushing up” on, or quickening creative response time.  In the long term the course objectives may be integrated into the Jazz Improvisation class.  This study also includes techniques involved in “re-arranging” a recognizable melody or song into sounds that become a personal interpretation, variance, or theme based on the original.

Music and Electronic Technology - coming soon

 Midi Music - the hands on study of current trends involving how instruments communicate with computers and other instruments, how midi labs are built, and the tools involved in building them.
 Digital Recording & Engineering - the study of current trends and the tools, both hardware and software, used in the recording industry.  Students will be involved in “start to finish” project based recording assignments and select projects will be produced with working professionals in the industry.  This course will challenge students with common problems, cause and effect, and teach them resolution possibilities. They will also gain insight into scheduling and personnel issues that come with the territory.
o  Audio Production & Engineering -  the study of current trends and the tools used to produce live concerts.  Students will be involved in “hands-on” assignments and will work with professionals at real venues acting as assistant engineers.  This will involve everything from setting up equipment to mixing sound in a live situation.
o  Music Software - consultation and tutoring involving different music software applications such as finale, smart music, pro tools, garage band, and multiple others.  Course selections will be determined “as needed” by the demands of music educators, music directors, music hobbyists, and other considerations.