Musicians Movement Blue Springs
Career Music Educators Serving School Musicians, Music Directors and Driven Performers
Specializing in Performance Driven, Technology Based Music Instruction

Educational Services

All candidates interested in “the movement” will receive initial parent / student consultation.  This includes a private meeting to determine the interests, aspirations and needs of each candidate, an aptitude assessment, tour of the facilities, demonstration of student aids (both hardware and software), and presentation of featured equipment and instruments that students will be training and performing on.  During this initial session, staff educators will help determine the pre-requisites and required equipment for every student to be successful, and will tailor a differentiated educational agenda, both short and long term, specific to each student’s desired objectives.  On line tutoring will be available through the use of current music software.  This will allow the student, parent, and instructor to monitor progress and hear playback of practice sessions via the internet.  The “group based” courses offered at Musicians Movement are “self-paced”, meaning students have the opportunity to “phase out” early and graduate to the next phase of study once course requirements have been exceedingly demonstrated, or test out all together through the demonstration of individual skill sets. This will ensure that no student is left behind or held back based on the pace of peer learners. 

Musicians Movement staff recognizes music as a performing art and all students will be strongly encouraged and or required (determined by level of study or course obligations) to participate in recitals and or public performance.  Special performances will be recorded and provided at no charge for student and teacher evaluation, entertainment value, and as family keepsakes.