Danny Reid, Founder & Owner

Musicians Movement Blue Springs
Career Music Educators Serving School Musicians, Music Directors and Driven Performers
Specializing in Performance Driven, Technology Based Music Instruction

Dear Parents and Friends,

Statistics prove that students who participate in musical activities score higher on ACT and SAT scores. Studies show that music provides students many other benefits that give them increased advantages among their peers. For parents who want to give their children this edge, this letter comes to inform you that there is a new and unique school of music in Blue Springs that was custom designed for you to do just this!  

The Musicians Movement is now enrolling students of all ages and abilities, including adults.  We are a movement of state and national certified educators dedicated to the needs and advancement of modern music students, music technology, and performance.  There is strong evidence indicating that music retailers are inhibited by retail driven structures that limit their abilities to serve music education because they do not address the needs of music students and public educators as their primary agenda, nor do they keep up with current trends, technology, or the working conditions of “today’s” music educators.  While we still practice valued traditional methods, we specialize in the use of current “hands-on real life” music technology and contemporary approaches that make learning more fun without compromising customary standards established by state and national organizations such as Missouri Music Educators Association and Music Educators National Convention.  Additionally, we are proud of our relationships with local music educators and understand the nature of public school music programs.  We recognize our obligations to them, and are committed to preparing students with the required skills necessary to support their programs and the particular requirements of various directors.  Although “ the Movement”  is recognized as the cutting edge facility of music instruction and caters to the more serious student and performance inclined, we understand the desires of hobbyists and offer elective courses for these learners as well.  Alternative studies, special services, and additional benefits of the Musicians Movement include:

  •  “State of the Art”, industry standard  instruments to train and perform on
  • jazz studies, jazz improvisation, and various jazz performing combinations
  • world music studies and performance ensembles (i.e. Afro Cuban, steel pans etc.)
  • small group performance ensembles with mixed instrumentation and musical styles
  • student recitals and recordings
  • rhythm sectionals and clinics
  • music theory
  • ear training
  • audio production and engineering (to be arranged)
  • diverse curriculum and technology designed to attract “today’s students” by making learning much more fun, promote cooperative learning, increase attention span and more focused concentration, and support general (public classroom) studies
  • social environment intended  to strengthen relationships with peers,  instructors, authority figures, and family members
  • on-site and off-site consultation for music educators, church music programs, special interest groups, solo artists, and special projects
  • guest clinicians and concerts
  • preparation for candidates interested in collegiate studies,  “real life” skills required for careers in professional music industries, or personal music hobbies 

For more detailed information, free consultation and or student evaluation, please contact Mr. Reid, Program Director at 816-988-7698.  Thank you for considering the “Musicians Movement”.  We anticipate, with great enthusiasm, developing relationships that will make a genuine difference in our community and the lives of our children.  Any steps you can take to inform parents and community members, especially email and word of mouth, would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for taking a brief moment to consider this important part of your child’s education. 

Musically Yours,

Danny Reid

Owner and Curriculum Director, Musicians Movement

2850 SW. Hwy 40 East, Blue Springs, Mo. 64015