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Dear Band Director,

Maybe you have experienced the standard headaches and inconveniences associated with public school systems and lawmakers who govern education?  Are there limitations, conditions, administrators and policies that regulate how you teach and the program that YOU would consider ideal?  Are you stressed with unnecessary related interruptions and additional duties that steal precious time and peace of mind? If you were granted your desired freedoms, could you see a significant increase in quality achievement by students, and stronger numbers? A former Texas Band Director for 7 years, and currently an area director, I answered yes to all of these questions myself.  I sought assistance from music stores and often find that, because they exist and survive through retail sales, their service to education is vulnerable because of distractions associated with other agendas.   Therefore their educational staffing, programming, and student performance typically is questionable.  These problems will never be eliminated but can be greatly reduced by the collective ingenuity from the minds of “the Movement”. 

Working conditions shared by most public school band directors led me to consult with friends and colleagues Clarence Smith, Carlos Aguero, John Wilson, Mark Lollman, Todd Reinhardt, former directors Bill Mack and Terry Martinez, Bill McKemy and others.   After doing so, I founded the “Musicians Movement”, a private, local organization for band directors like you.  We exist for the sole purpose of improving instrumental music education by providing modern solutions to problems and circumstances you might be faced with.  Tuition fees support the Musicians Movement and enable us to consult and provide unique services to you at no charge. We recruit student candidates for special interest study groups and private instruction in order to prepare them for your program requirements, and the long term vision YOU have for it. We are ONLY education driven unlike retail music stores, and supply outside solutions that are intended to assist directors by:

  • Consulting directly in person with directors to understand the instructional needs, problems, and solutions for each individual program
  • Co-designing with you, private “extended” curriculums that are tailored to meet the standards required specifically by you and your program
  • Developing programs designed to help public school directors save time so they can focus on their true objectives
  • Cultivating relationships with directors and community
  • Providing private instruction only by qualified, certified educators, who understand “the movement” and your expectations
  • Providing “state of the art” equipment and instruments to learn and perform on, that meets and exceeds industry standards
  • Designing a curriculum that is technology driven in order to meet the demands that are required for successful musicianship and the direction technology has taken music
  • Accommodating your students with special interest studies like jazz, midi, audio production, world and mallet percussion, keyboard labs, and others, that stores and instructors can’t or don’t bother to provide
  • Providing instruction and or consultation for directors who need help with technology or other special interests

We do understand that you may already be completely satisfied with your program and we have no plans to disrupt you in any way.  If you are interested in learning more however, I would appreciate any opportunity to meet you  personally and or appear at your “horn drive”, “band instrument night”, “demo night”, or “step up drive” to talk with you more in depth, and or supply information to you and your students.  Or as an alternate solution, because I understand the nature of your schedule this time of year, my staff would be happy to deliver literature or schedule a future appointment for you and me.  Please respond by providing us with dates and times of your instrument drive, or simply request information.   Please know that we are very eager to meet you and that we are excited about greater chances to succeed together.


Danny Reid

Owner, Curriculum Director, and Instructional Specialist

Musicians Movement Blue Springs


 P.S.  please remember:

·          We are like minded educators who hold appropriate qualifications, who are experts in their fields of study, unlike some competitors

·          We are education driven only and not distracted by retail

·          There is no fee for consultation

·          The gear far exceeds that of the lacking local music store

·          We will be offering special areas of study that other competitors are not qualified to offer

·          We are “up to speed” with today’s technology and can educate the director as well

·          Our institute is for the more serious inclined

·         Our Educators represent the school and community through Performance and Performing Ensembles of their own

Danny Reid, Founder & Owner