Musicians Movement Blue Springs
Career Music Educators Serving School Musicians, Music Directors and Driven Performers
Specializing in Performance Driven, Technology Based Music Instruction

Musicians Movement Kansas City, MO., founded in 2009, is a collection of educators dedicated to the needs and advancement of modern music students, music technology, and performance.  We are determined to raise the bar in current music education in order to better serve local students and public school music directors / programs. Evidence suggests that retailers are driven by sales which limit their abilities to serve music education, because they do not address the needs of music students and public educators as their primary agenda.  They tend to lag behind current trends, technology and the performance expectations of the "real life" music industry. We offer a contemporary culture that makes learning more fun, without compromising traditional values and performance standards.    We strive to offer a program that allows students a "hands on" experience and emotional connection with music that they can't get elsewhere.  This is why students remain interested, and why our retention rate is higher.  We are proud of our relationships with local music educators and understand the nature of public school music programs.  We recognize our obligations to them, and are committed to preparing students with the required skills necessary to support their programs and the particular requirements of various directors.  Although “ the Movement”  is recognized as a cutting edge facility, and caters to serious inclined students, we understand the desires of hobbyists and offer elective courses for these learners as well.   

Our Philosophy

Reading notes on paper and understanding the "music language" is essential, and certainly something to strive for, but musicians who can't improvise, or don't develop listening skills, get left behind after high school.  Unless there's a performance "experience", there is no reward or motivation for continuing.   The language of music is best spoken and understood with others, rather than an isolated approach.  Private lessons and practice are simply a foundation, nothing more.   Performance is the fruit of labor for a musician, as the harvest is to a farmer.  This "experience" is what retains student interest and keeps learners motivated to excel to greater standards of achievement.

Musicians Movement Mission Statement

 1.       Provide students with an excelled curriculum and fun learning environment; one that is visually, aurally, and emotionally stimulating and uniquely different from standard music retail stores, by preparing students through the latest technological advancements, cutting edge tools, and an exclusive, progressive menu of studies for select candidates

2.       Prepare chosen candidates for collegiate studies, careers in performance or music education, and or provide “hands-on”, “real-life application” skills required for jobs and hobbies in specific music industries

3.       Support local music directors by providing consultation, solutions, students and exclusive co-tailored curriculums designed jointly to meet the specific goals and requirements of their programs